International Women’s Day | Event & project management


Organized the first-ever large-scale Women’s Day event at Carleton University, providing engaging dialogue for over 500 attendees.

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Background: In 2013, I was elected to plan an event for Women’s Day at Carleton. Up until then, many clubs and departments would host small, separate events to celebrate. Instead, this event aimed for cross-club collaboration to put on a single, large event.


Challenge: Initially, the event had a $250 budget, a low profile, and diverse stakeholders with various expectations and criteria of success.

Actions: First, I consulted with campus stakeholders to solicit feedback and gain buy-in. Then, I put together an event committee of five, and we developed the brand and mission of the event, obtain sponsors, and manage logistics over the course of the year.

I developed a website, social media channels, and partnered with a local public relations firm to promote the event and develop our communications strategy. We made several appearances on local media outlets (videos below).

The event programming was inspired by the documentary Miss Representation, and included a pre-event documentary screening, speakers, panels, a keynote, student deliberative dialogues, and workshops, plus entertainment including a club fair, photo booths, and face painting.

women's day event (talking to journalist)

  • Raised over $8500 in sponsorship funding, not including in-kind donations
  • Had over 500 students and community members attend the inaugural event
  • Donated $500 to a local women’s charity