SciCATs | Science Communication & Facilitation


As part of the founding SciCATS team, I work with other science communicators and researchers to create and deliver open-source communication training.

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Background: The SciCATS (Science Communication Action Team, uh, Something) are a group of cheeky Vancouver-area science communicators (and cat fans) committed to making science communication training accessible to everyone.

Challenge: We set out to empower scientists to creatively and confidently share their research, by developing and delivering free, open-source science communication training and resources.

Actions: We developed content for eight core modules. I was excited to be on the first team to develop and present a module, at the BC Science Outreach Workshop.

We also clarified our brand, vision, and mission.

Results:  SciCATs continues to grow and develop, with four upcoming workshop presentations and many requests.

More Projects: