Centre for Women in Politics | Branding, Events & Project Management


Worked as a catch-all marketing assistant for a research centre, helping them better share their work and drive enrollment in their training courses.

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Background: The Centre for Women in Politics and Public Leadership partners with industry sponsors to produce research reports and develop training to advance women in leadership.

Challenge: As a small centre, they initially required support to manage their website content. As they grew, they needed to make their mark, establish a brand, and launch their inaugural training leadership program for executive women.

Actions: First, I refined the site’s information architecture to direct visitors to strategic areas such as training programs, research reports and sponsorship opportunities.

Then, I developed a logo and visual brand for the new training program, and assisted with marketing to individuals and companies to drive registration. I  also helped with on-site event management, including event photography.


Other tasks included producing graphic layouts for their research reports, to clearly convey results and highlight key messages.

Results:  With strong branding, positioning and promotion, the leadership training program sold out, and has run twice a year for every year since.

The Centre continues to grow and attract partners for additional research projects.cwppl5